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Prodigal daughter 0November 21, 2020Details
Prayers for my Dad.0November 19, 2020Details
My sisters in Germany0November 19, 2020Details
Prodigal cousins0November 18, 2020Details
Prodigal Grand daughter0November 18, 2020Details
Veteran Prodigal daughter to come back to her Father GOD 0November 9, 2020Details
Prodigal0November 5, 2020Details

Prodigal daughter

Please pray for my 44 year old daughter who was hurt by the church, church school, and family as a child and teenager by what she viewed as hypocritical people and by some overly strict rules. She was trained up in the way she should go and I stand on God’s Word that says she will not depart from it. Please pray the goodness of God will draw her to repentance and that Holy Spirit will draw her to God.

Prayers for my Dad.

Fernando Mundo
Dear prayer member, My dad was just the hospital due to an infection and strong reaction to a medication. He is in Omaha and I am in Houston, TX. Please pray to God for his speedy and total recovery. I can not go to visit him and I am sad that he is by himself at the hospital. May God heal him complete and that God may show the doctors how to get him back to health. His name is Francisco Mundo. Thank you so much!

My sisters in Germany

Dulce Chong
Dear sisters in Christ, Please join me on prayer for my younger sisters Wendy Chong ( 47, Bonn ) Married two children, drinks a lot, troubles in marriage, fixated in stay in shape, strong sexual drive for men. does not know the Lord. She has 2 beautiful kids (14 and 12) that need to grow close to God. Eileen Chong (46, Dortmund) Twiced divorced, currently.livong with 4rh boyfriend. Does not attend church, Buddhist and New Age influences in her life) struggles with ange, lack of forgive, sudden rage, insecurities,:nightmares, depression. I have been praying for them fo many years now and I know God listens to me, but I truly need help

Prodigal cousins

Dulce Chong Vences
Dear brothers and sisters, Please pray for my cousins Andrews Vences (30) lives in Mexico City. and Roberto Vences, lives in California. They both identify themselves as homosexuals. They are both prodigal and need the Lord Jesus desperately. I am so full of faith God will continue showing His mercy and power over them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dulce

Prodigal Grand daughter

Prayer my granddaughter sees living as a trans gender is wrong.

Veteran Prodigal daughter to come back to her Father GOD

37 yr old daughter Shannon baptized as a young child.... traumatic teen yrs..went to war twice..PTSD.. had horrific cancer 3 times in 9yrs, lost numerous body parts.. married 3 times now.. first 2 military husbands beat her.. has 2 young daughters. Military 2nd husband molested 4 yr old... no proof in court to arrest him..she has now let same child go live with this father . Beyond my human comprehension... keeps going to men that use and abuse her..believes lesbians are Ok... has cursed GOD to my face.. Sometimes gets too much for me to take it all in..... I pray and await for the Miraculous and Glorious day she repents and comes running back into her Father Gods Arms.. Thank you and bless you for your ministry....


For Abigail, my daughter who has recanted Christ and is in a dark place.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.