Ever since this COVID-19 lockdown, I can honestly say that my prayer life has increased like never before. I meet with a prayer team at least 3 mornings a week and we also have stop, drop, and pray which covers those prayer requests that come in that are urgent in nature. At those times, no matter what we are doing we do the best that we can to stop and petition the Father expecting Him to divinely intervene, and He does! Most of the women that I pray with, I have had the honor of praying with for 17 years and others for just a few months. But, I will say that there is indeed power in unity and God has supernaturally connected us so much so that one can be thinking a thing and the other will pray it or, another will have a vision given by God and another will have the interpretation to confirm it.

I tell you there is nothing like praying the word of God and declaring its Truth to stop what the enemy is attempting to do dead in its tracks. There is nothing like surrendering completely-everything to God and witnessing the anointing that follows that destroys the yoke of bondage and sets the oppressed free. There is nothing like sitting quietly before Him, asking what is on His heart and then following His instructions in prayer. There is nothing like hearing that those you have prayed for have received their healing or direction or wisdom. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a weapon against the enemy. Prayer is love in action. From our hearts and mouths to the ears of the Father, by way of the blood of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Can I get an amen?