I told my husband the other day that it felt as if our whole world had been turned upside down! And yet amid all that is happening, I still have peace of mind. There are very few nights that I cannot sleep and very few days when I worry. I do not watch the news 24/7 and I am on a prayer team whose prayers get results! My biggest issue right now is trying to keep procrastination at bay because there is so much that I could be doing at this time and yet I do not spend everyday doing what I have on my to do list. I may start out with good intentions and at the end of the day want to kick myself because I left the task incomplete. Lord, I need help! And He does. I start again the next day and I do the best that I can.

Three of the things that are on my to do list: hair color, pedicure, and manicure. Yep, forced to do what I have not done myself in a long while. I am hoping that my color job result is at best not streaky and that my nail polish stays on my nails. I mean I have a steady hand and all, but my eyesight is not exactly as it once was…I now wear readers y’all!  Then the thought comes to me that these three things are not just all that important. I mean I could just allow the gray hair to grow out naturally. I could also get by with keeping my toenails and fingernails clean and trimmed. There are other things that need my attention more. For instance, allowing myself quiet moments when I sit in the Father’s presence. I sit not asking for a thing but just waiting to hear His voice. I sit waiting for His instructions for the day. I sit allowing Him to bring back precious memories that remind me of His goodness and grace. I sit while He downloads into my human spirit and it always results in peace. Sometimes I am even shaken by what He speaks to me, but in the end, because of the confidence I have in Him, the end result is always peace!

So, in the midst of all of this chaos…go to the Prince of Peace and you will find rest for your soul! Can I get an amen?