Let “Em Go

Our son came to visit us recently and it was a total surprise. At about 9:30 pm the doorbell rang and we both looked at each other wondering who would be ringing our bell at that time of night. We both cautiously went to the door and there stood our 6’4” son and we were both so delighted. It had been a while since we had seen him as he lives out of state. For the next three and a half days we just totally enjoyed each other’s company. He plopped on our bed the same way he did as a little boy, only now he takes up the whole bed! He claimed that it was more comfortable than the one in the guest room but to be honest I think it was just because it was our bed!

No matter how old our son gets I guess he will still be our little boy. We love him so much and released him a long time ago to grow up and become a man. We try as hard as we can to only give him advice when he asks for it. We still struggle from time to time when we see him going in a direction that is not wise, but we have come to understand that he belongs to God and his life is in the Father’s hand. To be honest this has been one of the hardest lessons that we, as parents, have had to learn. So, parents of grown children who are reading this; one of the greatest, godliest things that you can do for your grown children is to let them grow by letting them go!