I was lying in bed one morning and the thought came to me about the energizer bunny. You know that cute fuzzy little bunny in the energizer commercials that marches around beating a drum. The idea is that the battery is so great that it can just keep going and going and going!

I have a clock in my guest bathroom and one day I noticed that it was no longer working as it should. The arms were stuck on a time (which was not correct) and it was making a clicking sound. It donned on me that the clock was not actually broken, but that the batteries were almost gone. They either needed to be recharged or taken out discarded and new ones put in their place.

It was then that the Lord began to speak to me, “Vera you are not the energizer bunny! You cannot continue to serve me without recharging.” Oh, I knew what the Lord meant. I cannot continue to serve without being constantly re-filled with the Word and the inward working of the Holy Spirit.

If we are not careful, we can get so busy serving that we become lax in the things that truly matter. It was Martha who got caught up in the serving. It was Mary that chose “the best part”. She chose to sit at the Master’s feet.